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Hi, I am Hans, the guy running this page.


I am a photo amateur with a soft spot for Japan and travel photography in general. My site is just a collection of some favorite shots I took over the years...


I am from Cologne in West Germany. My professional life took me to Munich where I live together with my wife, Birgit. I work in IT publishing, managing projects such as e‑learnings and conferences.


I look forward to hearing from you. Leave a note in the comments, connect with me on Instagram, or e-mail me through the contact form!

Legal note: You are here at your own risk. All content has been created and edited with great care. I cannot, however, take any liability for it. In order to manage your visit, the site uses cookies. I do not collect and store information about you. If you wish to prevent other sites from using your data, I suggest that you adjust your browser settings so that all cookies get deleted after each session. Plug-ins like Google Analytics or Facebook that are sending data to third-party vendors are not used on the site.


Acknowledgements: WordPress by WordPress Foundation. Uncode WordPress theme by Undsgn. Thank you to Dmitri Popov for the inspiring e‑mail exchange throughout the years.