Battleship Island

It is located 15km off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan. Referring to its shape, it is commonly called Gunkanjima (battleship island). It has been a ghost island since the seventies. Before that it was inhabited by thousands of miners, producing coal from its undersea mines. With the widespread use of petroleum, coal became less profitable. As a result, production was stopped and the settlement abandoned.


40 years later, the island was rediscovered and, for tourism, brought back to life again. A pier was restored and some visitor walkways were paved. The first landings took place in 2009.

Gunkanjima took a boost in popularity when a set for the 2012 Skyfall James Bond movie was modeled after it. Today, a couple of operators offer guided tours from Nagasaki port. The tours usually include a circumnavigation of the island and a landing with a walkabout on its fenced walkways.


The part of the island visitors are allowed to enter is, in fact, fairly small. Still, as a destination for a day trip Gunkanjima remains as outlandish as it gets.