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Hiking the Alps

When going on a hike in the Alps, part of the fun is that you come across Alpine pastures, i.e. cattle ranches that are in operation only during summer. Some farmers even open their huts to guests, offering refreshments and accommodation. On the menu, just look for classic Alpine dishes such as Kaiserschmarrn (sugared pancake, often with raisins and almonds) or Kaspressknödelsuppe (soup with a fried, bread-and-cheese patty).

When we moved to Munich more than 15 years ago, the distance to the Bavarian Alps went down to an easy 60- to 90-minutes drive. Since then, my wife and I often take the opportunity to go on a hike over the weekend.

Spending time in the open countryside has become more and more popular over the last couple of years. We usually go late in the day, enjoying a relative solitude on our way back. Just avoid Sundays. On Saturday, when people are still busy with their weekly household chores, trails and huts are much less crowded.

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