Mountains, Non-Japan

Alpine Snowscapes

One of Munich’s greatest assets is probably its geographic situation close to the Alps. The region around Lake Spitzingsee, for example, is just an hour’s drive from the big city. Favorable snow conditions make it a popular playground for snowboarders and skiers.

If you like to take it a little easier, you can always hike one of the area’s panoramic trails. A well-known track is the dirt road that runs from Spitzingsee to the Rotwandhaus mountain hut. In winter, many hikers haul their toboggans up to the hut, riding them all the way down to the valley.

Getting There

For those who do not drive, there is a bus transfer to Spitzingsee from Schliersee station on the Munich–Bayrischzell line of the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn). If you go by car, Spitzingsee has a couple of designated parking lots (Wanderparkplätze). The Rotwandhaus hut is open to guests for most of the year, offering warm meals and dormitory-style accommodation. For an overnight stay you may want to make a reservation in advance.