Winter Wonderland

Of all seasons, I think, winter suits the Alps best. The sights seem a lot more dramatic than for the rest of the year, and visibility improves remarkably over any hazy summer day.

A popular playground for snowboarders and skiers – and still in easy reach from our Munich home – is the region around Lake Spitzingsee. We shuffled along the dirt road from Spitzingsee up to the Rotwandhaus mountain hut, a reasonably easy hike. You just need to pay attention to the many fellow hikers who come your way when riding down the valley on their toboggans.

Getting There

For those who do not drive, there is a bus transfer from Schliersee to to Spitzingsee. Schliersee itself has a station on the Munich–Bayrischzell line of the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn). If you go by car, Spitzingsee has a couple of designated parking lots (Wanderparkplätze). The Rotwandhaus hut is open to guests for most of the year, offering warm meals and dormitory-style accommodation. For an overnight stay you may want to make a reservation in advance.